Sunday, October 28, 2012

Training Update October 27, 2012

Bad training on Friday and I know why.


Squat 285 5x5

Bench Press 225 3x5

RDL 235 3x5


Squat 250 2x5

135 3x5 (working on the "new" press style)

Barbell Complex 

Barbell Row, RLD, Press, Low-Bar back squat, Good Mornings.
Reps: 7
Weight on bar: 93# (odd poundage due to wooden spacer/bumper plates).
Rest between sets: 90 seconds.

Pretty tough. I didn't even finish the whole thing. I cut out the GM on the last round.


Squat 335x1,Fail 

Bench Press 245x6 rep PR. 
Meant to do 5 but lost count. Video shows six

Didn't allow for enough time.

Chin-Ups BWx6 Real weak on this one earlier this week I pounded 8 reps out

Later that night

Hammer Curls 35 3x8

Saturdays session was just garbage, I'll tell you why. I decided to go to one of the university gyms. It has nice equipment and I used to like training there. On my way there I forgot my belt. Then after I got into the gym and was about to get started I realized I left some stuff in the car, so I killed a fare amount of my precious timeright out of the gate. Normally I can blast the music and I have my training partner yelling/encouraging me and I can yell and grunt all I want without bothering anyone. I was one of the few people in the gym and I don't have an ipod so I couldn't control the music and didn't feel like making everyone uncomfortable by making all sorts of noise. I know these sorts of things can be viewed as crutches. I agree, but I think you need to taper off the music/yelling and start simulating a meet situtation as you approach a competition. In normal training you should keep things consistent. I unknowingly threw a wrench in my training. On top of all this I have been restricting calories a bit so that didn't help either. In fact the calorie thing may have been the biggest factor. I refuse to screw up like this again over the next two months. I will eat enough and keep training at Joe's Garage! I am going to do this week all over again just to nail that squat, get a deadlift PR and bump the bench up to 250.

Here is the crappy video of ID.

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