Saturday, October 13, 2012

Training Update October 13, 2012

Been on the Texas Method for about a month and a half. I like it so far. It is teaching me how to grind through tough reps and how to keep on task during volume days so the sessions don't last forever.


Squat 275 5x5

Press 160 5x5

RDL 220 3x5


Squat 250 2x5

Bench Press warmed up to 225x5 (
Close grip). This hurt a bit. I may take another week off of the Bench Press. We'll see on Monday.

Barbell Complex 

Barbell Row, RLD, Press, Low-Bar back squat, Good Mornings.
Weight on bar: 93# (odd poundage due to wooden spacer/bumper plates).
Rest between sets: 90 seconds.


Squat 325x5  PR. 5th rep was slow but I think I should be able to continue up another 2 weeks or so before I need to switch to triples.

Press 190  3x1 (singles across) PR.
Each set/rep was difficult but the third rep was a grinder. I think I'll reset to 170 or 175 and try for sets of 5 again.

Deadlift 385x5 Rep PR.
Deadlift starts out okay but my spinal extension deteriorated significantly by the time the 5th rep came around.

Push-ups Didn't do them. Too much of a hurry to get my kids back home.

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