Thursday, July 19, 2012

Training Update July 19, 2012

Last two weeks have been okay. We (the scout group I work with) had a practice hike last Wednesday and the uneven terrain really did a number on my ankle. That prevented me from training for a few days. We'll see how Wyoming treats it.

Running: The Honest Truth

"I'm going for a jog" says the typical healthy person. That is what typically healthy people do, they jog. Besides cycling, and yoga training for a 5k that supports cancer research is the only reasonable way to exercise. Right?..................Wrong!

I have been thinking about running for some time. As someone who once ran for health, the mental and physical challenge, and just for the fun of it I now have developed a very different opinion of how important running is.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Training Update June 30, 2012

I again ended up shifting my workouts around due to my inability to wake-up to an alarm. I am starting to do my workouts in the morning and I don't know that I like it. I also worked out with partners this week. Training with like-minded people is very good for the morale and overall energy of the workout. I liked it.