Thursday, July 19, 2012

Training Update July 19, 2012

Last two weeks have been okay. We (the scout group I work with) had a practice hike last Wednesday and the uneven terrain really did a number on my ankle. That prevented me from training for a few days. We'll see how Wyoming treats it.


Squat 315x2, then 245x12

Bench Press 245x5, then 185 12x2

Dips BW 8x4

Barbell Row 150 5x3


3-5 mile hike along the cedar river. Incredibly sore ankle afterwards and lingered for a few days kept me from training.


Our homeowners association built some flower beds for some untis using landscaping blocks. I geuss the digging and lifting and hot weather made it somewhat like a training session.


Squat 225 5x5 I have a problem squatting asymmetrically. I am deloading and really focusing on squatting equally from both legs for a few weeks. Hopefully with this deload I'll be able to bust into the mid 400's in a few months.

Bench Press 250x3 (tried for 5 but failed on the fourth rep, then 185 x13 and x11

RDL 185 5x3

Squat 230 5x5

Press 170x2, then 135 8x2

Deadlift 315x5I am also deloading on the deadlift so I can work back up using the hook grip instead of the alternate (mixed) grip. I don't like the twist in the shoulders I get from the alternate grip.


Drive to Wyoming.

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