Saturday, August 4, 2012

Training Update August 4, 2012

I had pretty bad squat form a while back. Due to my crappy ankle I tend to put a lot of weight on my left (good) side. I can keep things straight at lower weights so I backed the weight way down and started doing 5x5 paused at the bottom. It seems to be going well and gives me time to focus on keeping everything in the right place. Anyway this is what I did last week.


Squat 185 5x5 paused

Bench Press 205 5x5

Deadlift 325x5 (hook grip PR)


Squat 195 5x5 paused

Press 135 3x5

Barbell Rows 155 3x5

(BW) 4x7


Squat 205 5x5 paused

Bench Press 250x4 was going for 5 but I didn't make it. 250 is my nemesis!!!

Deadlift 335x5 (hook grip PR)

I was deadlifting much more a few weeks ago. I think deloads in general are healthy and I don't like the alternate or mixed grip so I want to train my grip up so I can always use the hook grip even on heavy deadlifts. Should be able to hit 375x5 (previous PR) in a month or so. Then another month from there I hope to hit 405 with the hook grip. I figure is olympic lifters clean 400 with a hook grip like its no big deal I ought to be able to deadlift at least that much without having to resort to the alternate grip.

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