Sunday, July 1, 2012

Training Update June 30, 2012

I again ended up shifting my workouts around due to my inability to wake-up to an alarm. I am starting to do my workouts in the morning and I don't know that I like it. I also worked out with partners this week. Training with like-minded people is very good for the morale and overall energy of the workout. I liked it.


Squat 310 1x4 PR, then 230 1x10

Bench Press 245 1x4, then 185 1x8 and 1x10

Dips BW 4x6

Barbell Row 140 3x5

Glute Ham Raise BW 3x8


Squat 255 5x5

Press 160 1x5, then 135 2x8


Conditioning Workout 1

Recumbent Bike Tabata 6 legit intervals 2 required 30 seconds of rest. This was way hard and left me breathing hard for 10-15 minutes afterward. I am looking forward to completing a full tabata. I plan on getting lots of weird looks from all the other folks on bikes slowly pedaling along while I just about collapse onto the handle bars after each interval


Deadlift 375 1x5 PR

Lying Triceps Extension  55 3x10

Barbell Curl 59 3x8

I think I'll alternate heavy deadlifts with RDLs every other week. The last rep was way hard to lock out. If I alternate as written above and include my week off in Wyoming I'll be able to hit 405 by early to mid August. That would be sweet!!!

Here is the deadlift video proof. We had just about every weight in the collection in use including a pair of my 45s. I think the bar looks cool with the plates decreasing in diameter like a cheesy gym advertisement. It would look cooler with 5 or 6  plates (45s) on there but that will have to come later.

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