Sunday, September 30, 2012

Training Update September 28, 2012

Got that 375 hook grip deadlift.


Squat 275 5x5

Bench Press 225 5/1 Should have been 5x5 but my chest pain was back with a vengance so I quit early on those. I should have stopped at my last warm-up (205#) because that was already hurting. Not sure how soon I'll get back to Bench Pressing.

RDL 220 3x5


Press 155 3x5


Squat 250 2x5

Bench Press warmed up to 185x3

Barbell Complex Barbell Row, Power Clean, Press, Low-Bar back squat, Good Mornings. Weight on bar: 93# (odd poundage due to wooden spacer/bumper plates).
I aimed to rest 2 minutes between rounds. Did three rounds and the first one went okay but I was so gassed on the second two that I bailed on the good mornings. I was wheezing like a 80 year old 3 pack a day smoker. I need to keep these in to improve my conditioning. I expect they'll be quite effective.


Squat 315x5  Rep PR. I have only done this for a triple before.

Press 185 2/1 PR. Wanted three but couldn't get it. Next time I'll hit this weight for five singles and then move up to 190 after that.

Deadlift 375x5 hook-grip PR. This was much more difficult than 365 last week. We'll see if I go for 385 next week.

Push-ups Forgot these. Oops.

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