Saturday, September 15, 2012

Training Update September 15, 2012

More progress and more PRs!


Squat 275 5x5 paused

Bench Press 225 5x5

RDL 210 3x5


Squat 250 2x5

Press 140 3x5

Barbell Rows 165 3x5 I hate these! I feel like I can't move much weight without cheating a fair amount.

(BW) 14/15/15/14 Accumulated 58 reps in these buggers!


Squat 295x6 I lost count so I did one more. I am 99% sure the correct count was 6.

Bench Press 255x4 This went well. I was a little wobbly in the bar path but it went up without a grind.

Push-ups BWx40 I thought I'd add these in after bench press workouts. I think it would be cool to bench 300 pounds and be able to bust out 100 push-ups in a set.

Deadlift BWx40 Didn't do it. I had a date with my wife so I cut this one short early. That and I am a lazy SOB.

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