Saturday, September 1, 2012

Training Update September 1, 2012

Solid week of training. Had a friend give me some ideas for improving my bench press. I may incorporate them next week.


Squat 260 3x5 paused

Bench Press 225 3x5, 205 2x5

RDL 200 3x5


Squat 265 3x5 paused

Press 135 3x5

Barbell Rows 165 3x5

(BW) 4x12 These are going well


Deadlift 365x3 lost my grip after three then quickly got 2 more in (hook grip PR). I'll get it for a solid five next week. Did the deadlift first because last week 355 was a lot harder than it should have been, due to fatigue from squatting, I believe.

Bench Press 250x5 Hallelujah!!!! I have been chipping away at this weight forever it seems. I finally got it and it was quite the head game during those last two reps. The weight went up fine. The fifth rep wasn't even a grind.

Squat 225x5 regular then 250x5 paused. My left leg is hurting pretty bad (general soreness but a bit sharper and much more prolonged than any other body part). I have really been working on getting the weight onto my right side but old lefty seems to be getting a lot more stress.

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