Saturday, June 23, 2012

Training Update June 23, 2012

New training regimen. Lifting twice a week using these two workouts. It is an intermediate type of program and has parts of the texas method integrated in it. It was given to me from Andy Baker of Kingwood Strength and Conditioning.


Squat work up to a 5 RM then do a back off set of 10-15 reps
Bench Press work up to a 5RM then do 2 back off sets of 8-12 reps
RDLs or Banded Good Mornings  3 sets of 10 reps
Body-weight Dips super-setted with Barbell rows


Squat light 5 sets of 5
Press work up to a 5RM then do 2 back off sets of 8-12 reps
Deadlift work up to a 5RM then do a back off set of 10-15 reps
LTE super-setted with Barbell curls

I will do workout A on Mondays and workout B on Thursdays. I'll be working on chins every week day. Instead of sets across I do sets when commercials are on. Chins respond well to high frequency training so I do them daily at get 15-20 reps in per day. Going to a lower frequency of lifting heavy allows for more recovery time which I need since I am going to be going on a backpacking trip in a few weeks. So to prepare for the backpacking trip I will be doing some conditioning on some of the off days.

This week I did this new program without any conditioning. The extra back off sets are very taxing and the extra upper body work burns and leaves me pumped. It seems appropriate that I get the burn and pump at a University gym amongst a bunch of sweaty guys grunting to cheat curls and doing 1/4 squats with the bar up on their neck. I have been working out at home so long I forgot about this stuff. From my observation weight training can never be blamed for injuries that occur in the gym. That is like blaming drivers ed teachers for killing people in automobile accidents. IT IS THE IDIOTS MOVING THE METAL AROUND THAT ARE TO BLAME!

Anyway I didn't realize the gym closed at 11 pm (last time I was here it was open until like 12:30). Because of this I had to split workout B into two days. I ended up getting a PR on the deadlift so I wasn't too upset.


Squat 305 1x5 PR, then 225 1x11

Bench Press 240 1x5, then 185 1x10 and 1x8

RDL 170 3x10

Dips BW 4x5

BB Row 135 3x5


Squat 245 5x5

Press 160 for 4, then 1201x8 and 1x9


Deadlift 365 1x5 PR, then 250 1x10

LTE 45 3x12

BB Curl 55 10/8/8 I wanted to do 3x10 but I couldn't do it. I was surprised at how hard these were. I guess anything new is usually not easy.

I'll include the conditioning stuff next week.

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