Sunday, June 17, 2012

Training Update June 17, 2012

Between family visiting and laziness on my part I have made a habit of training twice a week rather than thrice a week. Given this habit, I am going to implement a new twice a week training program which I will detail in the next post. 


Squat 295 3x5

Press 160 5/4/5 PR

Chins BW 3x5

RDL 165 3x10


Squat 300 3/3/2 PR

Bench Press 250 for 3 PR, 245 for 3, and finally 240 for 3. (I was hoping for a good 3x5 but I clearly over-reached)

Deadlift 355 1x5 Last rep didn't quite make it to lock out.

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