Saturday, April 7, 2012

Training Update April 7, 2012

I hate missing training days. I had a conference this week so I only got two training sessions in.


Squat 245 5/3/4/2
This felt really heavy and I failed on the second set. Kellie helped me get it back up. Then I just made sure I got the total volume in.
Bench Press 205 3x5

Deadlift 290 1x5


Squat 245 3x5

Press 125 3x5

Deadlift 300 1x5 (PR)
This is the first personal record I have made since my surgery. The first try at the 5th rep didn't go up. So I took a 10-20 second breather then pulled that weight up. Maybe I should call it 1x4 for now. Next week I'll repeat it so I know I get it right.

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