Saturday, April 28, 2012

Training Update April 28, 2012

A solid week of training. Everything after this will be a personal record.


Squat 270 3x5

Bench Press 220 3x5
Got the big wheels on today (45lb plates).

Power-clean 117 5x3
Just started learning this one. Whenever I have done it before it felt wrong so I went through all the steps and did it but I still feel like I am screwing something up.
Chins 3x4


Squat 275 3x5
Had to yell a bit to get the last set done
Press 145 3x5

Chins 3x4


Squat 280 3x5
Last rep was a super slow grind. Thought I was going to pass out on that one.

Bench Press 225 3x5
This was a PR because last time I did this weight I only got 5/5/4. So I upped it by one rep.

Chins 3x5

The day after Thursday's workout left me feeling likeI'd gone through some hazing ritual that involved being punched in the lower rib/oblique area and at the same height on my back. This did not go away on Saturday. It was painful to get the belt on but as you can see I got the job done. I was totally spent and didn't do any deadlifts. I'm ahead on them so I'll deal with them later.

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