Friday, April 27, 2012

Music and the Power Therein

Music can be awesome and music can well.....suck. In high school I was a music nut. I mostly loved all forms of rock and blues (guitar music) but I also listened to classical music (usually on Sundays). Most rock stars are not great weight lifters. In fact most of them are poor role models in general. Though the mighty zeppelin did drugs and other stupid things, their hard pounding rhythms, screeching voices and screaming guitars serve strength training athletes well. If you've found yourself stuck in your training, find some good rock that gets you amped up and you'll find yourself unstuck.

I love good rock music. Loud guitars orchestrated in highly creative and passionate artistry just make me happy. I am continually amazed at how music can enhance or completely change your mood. I tend to be a bit of a music snob. To me music must be highly creative, passionate, and artistic (this doesn't rule out silliness if the artist is passionate about being silly e.g. red hot chili peppers circa 1980-1995). I can't stand most country music and popular music because they are over produced and overplayed. It sounds very predictable and generally lacks passion. A lot of weight trainers like to listen heavy metal like Pantera or some other audio mix of grunting and grinding. I might sound old here but if I can't distinguish words or parts of the "song" I can't get into it. The metal I enjoy is limited to the likes of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Metallica (I consider these guys artists).

My whole point in bringing up music is to use it to enhance you training. If you read this post you know Kellie and I had a great experience at QC Barbell. Part of our success their and since I attribute to using music during our workouts. Before then we just trained in silence, not strict silence since their is always grunting and heavy breathing involved (don't read into that). 

The music I have enjoyed most during training has been Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, The Who, and The Dropkick Murphys.

These bands are generally high energy in the studio and in concert which helps me (the lifter). Listening to these bands takes me back to high school days (a more reckless and care free time). These bands also have some more dramatic low energy tunes which are fine for rests between heavy sets but left me flipping the tracks around when I needed to complete my squats or presses. 

If you haven't included loud drums and guitars in your training give it a shot.

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