Saturday, January 5, 2013

It is 2013. Got Goals?

It is that time of year when everybody is going to lose weight, run a marathon, buy (and use) a new gym membership, or get generally fit. I think goals are good but they need to be s.m.a.r.t. to be effective. Goals have to be more than a want they have to be realistic measurable and planned out. My goal for a meet in April is to total 1215 lbs. If you are confused as to what this means, read on.

I have really enjoyed training with weights and due to my ankle issues the only sport that I can really compete in is powerlifting. It does not require jumping or sprinting, no stop and go, and the rules are simple enough that even my simple mind can understand it. Powerlifting consists of a meet in which the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift are contested and the winner is the lifter that lifted the most total weight (total = best squat + best bench press + best deadlift). A meet or any competition is a highly motivating event since occurs in front of other people (many of which are total strangers) . The meet also has a fixed date so those preparing for it can't stretch their goals out longer than they should. The meet also forces the goal setter to be realistic because there will not be time to change to goals when they find out they aren't going to achieve them.

My meet is April 20th in Des Moines Iowa. It is held at the Des Moines Strength Institute, which I understand to be an Olympic weightlifting gym. In order to total 1215 I must Squat 405 pounds, Bench Press 315 pounds, and Deadlift 495 pounds. Those are my long standing goals that I think are within reach. I recently went to a great gym called QC Barbell to see where I stand with those goals. here is the video showing I have a decent start at these goals.

Those attempts weren't perfect, especially the last bench that had my butt coming up in the air and the bar wiggling around. I plan on sharpening up my form and putting more weight on the bar. My plan is to use a 12 week program that spreads the work over 4 training sessions per week with each session focusing on one lift (the Press is included as a main lift and will certainly help push my Bench Press numbers up). Every three weeks a deload is planned to dissipate accumulated fatigue, which has been a problem for me while training using the Texas Method.  For those who are interested the following image shows a table that details the 12 week plan and the assistance exercises used to help support each lift. I will also be changing my nutrition up in order to reduce my corpulence a bit. Details of that endeavor will come in the next post.

I also have goals for the year. by the end of 2013 I want my 1RM for all the lifts to look something like this

Squat: 455
Bench Press: 330
Deadlift: 525
Press: 225

Those are my goals, what are yours?

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