Saturday, November 17, 2012

Training Update November 17, 2012

Decent Training with more PRs.


Chin-ups 6/5/4

Squat 290 5x5 This bump up in volume was significant. It was hard.

Press 145 3x5

RDL 250 3x5


Chin-ups 6/5/4

Squat 265 2x5 This was a tough "light day." I imagine the volume day isn't recovered yet.

Bench Press 205 3x5 This was actually a little challenging. I felt a little soreness/tightness in my chest towards the end.


340x1,3 PR The first rep felt all wrong so I racked the weight (thoracic flexion). The next set was tough enough that without spotters I decided to stop after 3.

Press 150 3x5 I can't seem to get the timing right with the new version of the press. I am going to stick with a strict press style for now and work back up to heavy weights.

Deadlift 405x1, 315x10 rep PR 405 felt way to heavy. It was a bit of a grind. 315 all went up fast a easy. It was kind of fun to do some higher rep stuff

Hammer curls 35 3x10

Been Here is the video of my intensity day squat. It appears I am going too deep on these which makes the really tough.


Chin-ups 6/5/4

Squat 290 5x5 Not as tough as last week (4 min rest between sets)

Bench Press 225 5x5

RDL 250 3x5



Squat 275 2x5 squats felt great!

Press 155 3x5


Squat 345x5 PR Last week I went too deep which made it really hard. This week I went just below parallel which made a set of 5 easier than last weeks set of 3 (with 5 pounds more weight mind you).

Bench Press 260x5

405x5 Little ugly as far as form goes but I finally made 5 reps at this weight

Hammer curls 35 3x12

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