Saturday, March 17, 2012

Training Update March 17, 2012

Alright. I had ankle surgery that took much longer to recover from, in fact I am still recovering from it. Then I got the flu. So my training took a bit of a break. Now I just have a cold sore for I this week I got back to it.


Squat 225 2x3

Bench Press 185 3x5

Deadlift 233 1x5


Squat 225 4/5/4
Not quite 3x5 and a few of them were not deep enough.

Press 100 3x5

Deadlift 243 1x5


Squat 225 3x5
Depth was good but when I reviewed the video I had poor lumbar extenstion so I'll try this weight again on Tuesday.

Bench Press 195 3x5

Deadlift 248 1x5

Saturdays deadlift used all the weights I have, including some borrowed plates from a friend. I should have more plates next week. I found a good seller on craigslist in Chicago and a neighbor went to visit family there and agreed to pick some up for me. Score for Brian.

My wife also officially started the Starting Strength program this week as well. It was tough at first but by the end of the week the movements are not so foreign and she says she really feels like she is doing something. This comes from a person that has done p90X the firm and other endurance/aerobic style workouts. I'll do progress updates on her in the future.

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